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Northern Rain Studio
We're a small team dedicated to developing great stories for radio and film.  Our studio is located in the beautiful Lakeland region of Alberta, and that translates into creativity.

Stories inspire, and story development is what we do. 

We use Cubase  to produce rich original soundtracks, Adobe Premiere & Final Cut Studio for film. 

We are also involved in developing models for creative partnerships with communities in the third world, helping to build their capacity to distribute in the global market.

Contact: Ken Fast  northernrain@gmail.com
KEN FAST, Northern Rain Director & Story Producer
The theatre, with the original barn wood, serves as a recording room or small set for filming.
Anna's Goodbye

Anna discovers a diary, the story of her family, back during the war of 1812.

The story is now in production.  Principal filming was completed at the end of May, 2013. We are now in post-production, release scheduled for summer of 2013.

Filmed in the Lakeland region of Alberta, this project creates opportunities for local talent.
Current Project:  Anna's Goodbye